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Find out more is a second iteration of a passion project started by Rohre Titcomb and her siblings back in 2007. The sibling group has a fair amount of history in apparel, but we always wanted to have a clothing line that stood for a certain environmental something as we look toward the future.  For many years, we worked really hard to innovate in the fabric production world, with years of experiments and lots of resources spent on trying to make the lyocell process for bamboo fiber production a reality.  We tried so many angles, but in the end, we were not 100% satisfied with the quality of the final product we were able to produce.  We knew we wanted to make an ultimately responsible product, but we were also not willing to sacrifice final product quality, as that would just fill the landfills faster, something we are very uncomfortable with.  So, as our product development path has stretched on, we have settled on a fabric made from bamboo fiber made using the viscose process.  Our decision to abandon years of R&D was a tough one, but at the end of the day, we knew that if we were not offering a top quality product, we would not be any better than the next person down the street hawking low-cost low-quality fast fashion to the first person they could entice with their $X.99 pricing models.  

Special thank you to all the folks that have followed us in this journey, and please reach out to us at if you have thoughts or feelings you would like to share!  This is just another early step in our drive to redefine the way our generation thinks about clothing, and we would love your advice or thoughts to help us along the way! 


Z, X, V, R, Q, and The Bamboxers Team


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