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Who's behind Bamboxers? was started by five siblings in a quest to bring people the most comfortable underwear they'll ever put on.

 The crew behind Bamboxers

In a mission to get Bamboxers up against your skin, we spent 18 months perfecting our perfect cut and really honing in on the highest quality fabric. It's our goal to make insanely comfortable boxers, but also do it in a responsible way.

What's the "Bam" in Bamboxers?

The bam is for bamboo. The raw material that goes into these hip huggers is pretty incredible stuff. The bamboo plant reaches its full height in only 8-10 weeks, has significantly dense yields per harvest, doesn’t use nearly as much water as cotton, is grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals, is an excellent absorber of greenhouse gases, and it outperforms cotton wicking moisture and odors away from your body once it's spun into fabric.  

Antimicrobial, biodegradable and ridiculously comfortable? Yeah, we think bamboo fabric deserves a medal too.

Bamboo - sustainably grown

Where to wear Bamboxers?

The antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties of bamboo fiber make Bamboxers an excellent choice when you're hitting the gym, tackling that hike, running a marathon or getting in on that weekend pickup game. They'll keep you dryer and smelling nicer than any brand of cotton undies can.

Bamboxers are even great when you skip the sweating and opt for lazy Sundays, Netflix marathons, or whatever your preferred relaxation method may be. Combine crazy comfortable fabric with our streamlined design, and you have skivvies that stay put and keep their shape throughout the chillest of lounge sessions. No riding up or bunching, we promise.

If you're looking for all day comfort sitting at work, a sleek design that compliments both casual and formal wear, fabric that keeps you smelling fresh, and a product that's thoughtfully made, Bamboxers are the boxer briefs you've been waiting for.

Bamboxers lifestyle

How did Bamboxers get here?

Way back in 2008, we got the idea to redefine how people clothe themselves (from the bottom up, of course). On a mission to make awesomely soft and durable boxer briefs, we went searching for the best fabric, the best process, and the best facilities.

Our quest brought us to China (that's where most of the worlds bamboo grows), where we spent 3 months researching bamboo fiber and how we could spin it into Bamboxer gold. While overseas, we studied every step of the sourcing and production process and evaluated the environmental impact of our manufacturing methods.

We tried some really cutting edge stuff, but we knew that unless we had excellent quality, we would be making a compromise to our potential customers. Once we were happy with the material, we picked out a waistband that felt great, determined the best way to stitch everything together, came up with the washing label, landed on the best fabric dyeing methods for long term quality, selected the sturdiest thread, consumed unholy amounts of coffee, and reworked our designs to better suit your birthday suit. Phew.

From a glimmer in our eyes, to being fully funded on Kickstarter, to our current online store, Bamboxers has been a wild ride. Are you with us?



We just really wanted to make your butt happy.


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